The Project

The Projectwill be a 175 +/- licensed bed facility with a centralized building concept with resident “wings”.  It is currently being designed by architect James Pocilyko who has worked on numerous projects with the Principal.  The latest, a National Historic Registry renovation in Richmond’s “Church Hill” section, one of Richmond’s oldest standing buildings.  Mr. Pocilyko will be designing the complex to have the flexibility to add two (2) separate wings which would each ADD 50 beds/unitsfor each wing to the entire facility (100 beds/units potential total add-on).  The Principal anticipates these expansions taking place immediately and states here that ALL original investors shall take part at their original pro rata share in any and all additional operational or equity distributions; i.e., distributions would increase by approximately 80%+ (or, $102,600/year, for one (50) bed/unit addition to $148,200/year for all 100 beds/units (i.e., $150,000 investment basis/1% equity share).  The investors shall NOT be responsible for additional funds.  The additions shall be financed through equity appreciation in the facility itself.  Such additions shall be at the sole discretion of the Manager and only in the event it is financially beneficial for the investor members.

The unit mix will include “studio” design and one bedroom apartment with unit communication whereas some one bedroom units can be converted into a two bedroom unit.  The Project will have landscaped courtyards, a state of the art gym, tavern/pub, green house, plunge pool, fire pits, putting greens,  bocce ball, shuffleboard, a health and wellness service center, spa with thermal pool, heated lounges, Finnish sauna, massage and other treatments.  There will be dedicated “office” spaces whereas the facility will support two separate resident driven business ventures/operations  for the residents to “run” and become involved.  One business is anticipated to be a “temp” type and/or executive consulting service that can draw from the diverse knowledge depth of the residents, giving the residents “an elevated purpose”.  Whether it makes money is not the point. It is the goal of Assisted Living of America, LLC to create an resident environment not yet “known” in the sector whereas the residents are not there to “cross the finish line”, but continue to “excel at life”.  There will also be separately owned and operated businesses (hair salon, physical therapy, etc. to compliment and support the residents).  Rental income from these resident support  businesses isNOT included on theProForma Income Statement.  PLEASE NOTE: These separate businesses are normally controlled by nebulous “management” agreements with the Principal which avail the “founding” member(s) to “divert” income away from the investors.  We feel this is unscrupulous and will not participate in such activity.  All such business rental spaces shall be treated as resident spaces with regards to any and all income so as not to provide the Principal with any means or opportunity to dilute the overall income of the project.  This is a direct resultant of why our firm chooses to control 100% of each project investment.

We look to change how ALR facilities “do it” in their day to day operations.  We plan to attack the major points of concern each family has when placing their family member in assisted living.  What are the main concerns families harbor for their loved one?


First and foremost.  How quickly does a facility team member respond to an emergency situation for a resident?  It should be seconds, under a minute, right?  We’ve heard stories of 15, 20 minutes; this is totally unacceptable.  This is THE most listed item on performance evaluations for a facility; i.e., “no one came to the aid of my mother/father for over 15 minutes after “pressing the button”.  You can only change this through direct consequences.  I.E., we are scheduled to pay our “Personal Care” staff 50% ABOVE current industry pay scale.  In addition, each prospective Personal Care staff member will be psychologically evaluated for temperament, the “caring” quotient, etc..  This kind of “caring” can’t be “paid for”; it must come naturally and not viewed as “just a job” by these particular employees.

The “Personal Assistant” employee will be the most important employee in our facilities.  Until the industry recognizes this fact, all other ALR competitors will not fulfill the most important variable families are searching for their family member.  Our Personal Assistants will have monthly fiscal incentives tied to resident evaluations.  At the core, you may not be able to “pay” for the caring quotient but you can certainly positively affect it.

COVID19/Pandemic alterations

Due to the events created by the pandemic of 2020; senior living facilities across the country will be forced to institute several major renovation changes to their facilities.  We are very fortunate that we will be able to totally re-design our facilities to incorporate these changes that will ensure the ultimate safety of our residents; initial changes will include quarantine patient rooms, employee on-site apartments,visitation rooms with direct access from the outside, with many more to be instituted.  We will disclose such changes to all potential residents/clients as we consider some of our ideas to be industry altering and would rather not disclose to the general public or competitors at this time.We don’t play catch up, we will epitomize the industry elite.

Residents will also have access 24/7 to an evaluation platform which will be connected directly to the facilities website; we will be transparent.  Customer satisfaction is EVERYTHING in today’s world whether or not you need to compete for business.  Additionally, each unit will be outfitted with state of the art surveillance; controlled singly by the resident; i.e., family members, facility staff can have monitoring ability IF and ONLY IF the resident wishes it.  Family members will also have video access to all common areas.  Also, each unit shall have an emergency strobe light located above the entrance door in the hallway.  This ensures that no mistakes are made in finding a troubled resident, etc..  If an emergency button is pushed, this light strobes until it is turned off inside the unit by an employee (this is an ALA LLC industry exclusive).  Response times will always be recorded, monitored and publicly stored for anyone to review.  Any company in such a business who is afraid of our type transparency will never be “the best” and that is what we will strive to accomplish; i.e. being “the best” in the business.


Food is one of the worst culprits in making life miserable for assisted living residents.  Again, we are scheduled to pay top “Chef” prices to make sure our food is, once again, “the best”.  Our food will be talked about by anyone who has the pleasure to dine at our facility.  We plan to compete with the best restaurants each city has to boast.  We are talking about true “Chefs”, not some experienced restaurant line cook.


Most facilities do a good job but they haven’t done what really needs to be done; reach in and grab what makes each resident “tick”.  These residents have all done something throughout their lives that made them who they are today; defined them as individuals.  What most other ALF’s do is provide “trinket” activities; i.e., activities for people there to “cross the finish line”, not “continue the dream” of life.  We plan to offer residents the opportunity to continue “working”, or at least “contributing”  if they so desire.  We are devoting a significant amount of space to housing office space for residents to “start” their own enterprises; one being a “temp”/executive consulting service for businesses that might need help from truly  “experienced” individuals