The Principal

Assisted Living of America LLC & MCB Equity Capital are uniquely positioned to benefit significantly from this new health care demographic; the “Assisted Living” resident.

There is no other real estate related business in the current market which provides such a low risk environment and yield exceptionally high returns than the Assisted Living market.  Investments are supposed to follow the age old rule of “low risk, low return, high risk, high return”; the Assisted Living investment market will redefine this paradigm.  The expanding senior demographics requiring Assisted Living services will be historic to say the least.  The “soon to be” seniors, the “Baby Boom” generation, will significantly stress the supply due to lead times required to plan, construct and complete an Assisted Living facility.

Over the past 34+ years, MCB Equity Capital (a division of Michael C. Brown, Ltd.) has developed, purchased or constructed over $150 million dollars in real estate assets throughout Virginia and North Carolina.  MCB fully intends to capture through its investor equity activities, the regional “Assisted Living” market share throughout Virginia and North Carolina over the next 5-10 years, and develop a legacy asset for all of its investors.

Michael C. Brown, Ltd. has been very successful in the real estate sector throughout central Virginia since 1986.  The company has varied and extensive experience in real estate development and construction, both residential and commercial.  For the past 35 years, this very well known, luxury residential construction company has specialized in working with high  net worth individuals/couples  in achieving their final retirement “dream” home (Governor’s Land “Select Builder”, Ford’s Colony “Preferred Builder”, and Kingsmill).  Its last 50 homes have had an average appraised value of over $1.1+ million dollars (excluding land), see  Most importantly, this extensive experience provides a strategic insight in dealing with the “assisted living” demographic sector.

Itscommercial and high end custom residential construction expertise aligns perfectly with the real estate development company by providing the platforms necessary to design, develop, and construct an Assisted Living facility.  Integrating each of these expertise’s will allow us to build,  what we hope to be, the most innovative and elite Assisted Living communities in the country.  Very few companies in the country can provide this combination of expertise and insight to an investment group that is necessary to bring an Assisted Living facility to its completion as Michael C. Brown, Ltd.; i.e., land development (Zoning, development, and initial ramp up), commercial construction (overall facility size), luxury custom residential (creating the top 1%, luxury, “homelike” environment/product for residents) and real estate management/leasing (occupancy/stabilizing efforts).  Most companies bringing such facilities to market must contract work to outside companies, thus costing the investormore than 30% in additional funds.  We plan to eliminate this variable to the investors in order to generate higher investment returns for all involved with Assisted Living of America LLC.

Please note, the following paragraph is probably THE most poignant variable of this subject; i.e.,  from inception, it takes 2+ years to plan and complete one ALR facility; it takes only “seconds” for a totally INDEPENDENT retirement age person to move from such independence to a state of needing 24 hour oversight on some level.  Meaning, an individual who has been totally independent for 60 or 70+ years experiences a “health event”, say a mild stroke and from that day forward, they require 24 hour “oversight” on some level.  The demand for “Assisted Living” facilities WILL, at some point in the next 5-10 years, completely overwhelm the senior care market/system. Our plan is to be fully built out and ready to sell the entire portfolio of all 16 facilities to a multi-national corporation ready to pay above/mania market multiples.

Contributing Members

Project Manager; Facility – Craig T. Meadows, 35+ years
Project Manager; Site – William A. Cowan, 30+ years
Architect – James Pocilyko, AIA; Richmond, Virginia, 35+ years
Accountant – Stephen J. Fimian, CPA; Dallas, Texas, 40+ years
Strategic Advisor – Michael C. Brown, Ltd., 35+ years
Planning/Zoning Director – Roberta G. Suloff, 15+ years