• (16) Assisted Living facilities in the Virginia/North Carolina region.
  • Initial facility; $23,500,000 development/construction loan has been secured as of February 18, 2020; Chesapeake Bank et al; awaits closing.
  • Investor Equity funding target; $5,000,000
  • Raised $6,000,000 as of February 20,2020.
  • By March 31st, 2020; 95% of all equity investors asked to be released from their PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) obligations due to the Covid-19 Pandemic; obviously we relented hoping for a return at a later date.
  • Portfolio VALUE upon completion/stabilization: $1,413,000,000+ BILLION
    o Portfolio DEBT: ($408,000,000) Million
    Cash on cash annual investor return: 38%/72% to 608%/1,152%;final annual distribution shall be determined from final expansions completed at each facility. Distribution range is generated due to potential expansion of each facility.
  • Entire portfolio SALE time horizon: 5-7 years
  • Since 1984, we have had an ongoing business plan to build what was then known as, a “nursing home”. Why? Because we foresaw that when the Baby Boomers became of age; i.e., needing assisted care, the demand for nursing home care would be overpowering to an almost catastrophic level. What the Baby Boomers did to the economy starting in the early 1980’s is now starting to have a direct, overwhelming effect in the assisted living sector. We are in the final stages of preparation to break ground on what will be the (#1) first facility of sixteen (16) facilities throughout Virginia and North Carolina. The nursing home sector has drastically changed since placing my grandfather in that Pennsylvania nursing home in 1984. We have watched this sector significantly change to what is now known as “Assisted Living”. The predominant assisted living client pre-1990’s, previously resided with family until death. This has drastically changed to where those who were cared for by family, now live in Assisted Living communities. We will be exploiting this sector in 2021; starting in Richmond, Virginia.