Anticipated Distributions of a $150,000 or 1% equity investment:

  • Year 2023; $57,000;38% annual distribution; Original investment principal is also returned in FULL. (*)
  • Year 2024; $257,000; 171% annual distribution;Facility #1 and fractional impact by Facilities #2-#8, (*).
  • Year 2025; $456,000; 304% annual distribution; Facilities #1-#8, (*)
  • Year 2026; $912,000608% annual distribution; Facilities #1-#16, (*)
    (*) – There is no consideration given for any “50 unit” expansions taking place in any of the facilities. Each facility will have the ability to increase the unit total by either (50) or (100) units.
  • January 1, 2026; 5-7 years after funding. SALE of facilities portfolio can be realized from December 31, 2025 on. Portfolio sale will be determined BY the investors, NOT the principals,
  • EQUITY PAYOUT upon final sale of facility portfolio:
    $11,340,000 per $150,000 or 1% equity invested realized (72x/7200%).
    Please note; ALL returns are based on an average monthly lease amount of $4,600 per month.  This amount is grossly undervalued in the current market for the product we will be marketing; closer to $6,000+ per month and more, or 30%+ more.


  • NOTE: Investments of $250,000 or more will receive (1) FREE residence stay in any of the (16) facilities owned by Assisted Living of America, LLC. This perk shall survive any sale of the facility portfolio in the future, and is transferable with conditions. This perk will be a liability of the portfolio purchaser and shall have NO effect on our investors overall.
  • Each facility will generate between 38% to 72% in annual distributions per Facility (see below). This will be dictated by the potential 50 or 100 unit expansions.
  • Equity return upon sale at minimum 72x or 7,200% of the investor’s contribution (see below). Again, please note, this DOES NOT include any consideration for the effects of possible (50) or (100) unit facility expansions; and such expansions are anticipated due to the overwhelming effect of the Baby Boomer generation in the general population statistics. OVERWHELMING. Please make sure to review the data figures in “Assisted Living ~ What is it and What’s the Demand?”.