32% to 38% Yearly CASH Distributionsper FACILITY

16 FACILITIES translates to a 608%  ANNUAL cash on cash return to our investors

“4.2x (420%) PER Facility ~ Equity Return upon sale”

16 FACILITIES translates to a 7,200% total Equity Return to our investors upon sale
Project Investment GOAL: $32,500,000      ~      Current to Date: $26, 500,000

ABOUT: The Project, Principal & Investor

We are currently in our 31st year of marrying our vested clients with “wholesale” (direct new construction, “out of the ground”) investment projects and extraordinary returns.  These “wholesale” projects have MUCH less risk than “retail” projects (“wholesale” versus “retail” to be explained).  We are not what you call a typical crowdfunding, REIT, or SOP equity capital investment operation that you are probably used to dealing with; i.e., where you will see a myriad of various different “offerings”; i.e., self-storage, multi-family, office buildings, shopping centers, etc..  No, probably the best description of our operation would be the term “boutique”; which we are not necessarily fond of, but seems to get the point across.  We concentrate on one project at a time.  We do a thorough in-house vetting of each project as though we were investing in the project ourselves; which most times we do and is the case with this project.  This is not what you will find in most investment equity fund operations.


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